Fine Roman Wares

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Fine Roman Wares

Post  Admin on Sat Jul 21, 2012 5:16 pm

Welcome to the Roman Central Market!

We have a small selection of items at the moment since our inventory is so limited by the Republic's size and trading prospects. As the Republic grows and our trader fleet reaches new places, we will be stocked with an assortment of goods. Be sure though the items you get here will be the best and the brightest from around the Republic.

Please enjoy the finest Roman goods made right here in the city.


Leather Armor 100 Denarii
Bronze Armor 1000 Denarii
Iron Armor 2000 Denarii


Wooden Shield 100 Denarii
Leather Shield 300 Denarii
Bronze Shield 500 Denarii
Iron Shield 1000 Denarii

Potions and Magical Oddities

Beauty Potion 3000 Denarii
Lust Potion 3000 Denarii
Love Potion 3000 Denarii
Strength Potion 3000 Denarii
Speed Potion 3000 Denarii
Toughness Potion 3000 Denarii
Miracle Box 100,000 Denarii
Miracle Ring 10,000 Denarii
Miracle Helmet 1000 Denarii
Miracle Sword 100000 Denarii
Miracle Shield 100000 Denarii
Miracle Armor 200000 Denarii

Quest Supplies

Adventuring Kit 10 Denarii
-1 month of trail provisions
-4 fur lined blanket
-2 sets of water skins
-2 sets of wine skins
-2 weeks worth of travel clothes.
-2 flint and striker


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