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Post  StarburstStream on Tue Sep 18, 2012 6:26 pm

Name: Scathe

Age: 16

Birthday: 10/24/1995

Sex: male

Mythological Origin: Plebian Vampires
Mythological Powers: ((Everyone starts out with only the first power in their set of powers, unless you are a prodigy, if you wish to be a prodigy then you must ask an admin first. There will only be one out of every twenty characters which is allowed to be a prodigy)) -->This section will be completed by an admin once your profile is approved

Eyes: bright blue

Hair: spiky and short

Height: 6’1

General Appearance: Scathe is average built, and has short spiky hair. His skin is tan; bright blue eyes, and wares a black cloche with black shorts at all times, except when he goes to sleep.

Personality: Scathe is a person who likes to be alone. Not a people type of person. Scathe hates it when people make fun of him clothes because all of his clothes are the same. Scathe never really smiles because there was never anything to smile about.

Likes: night time, being alone, and testing his abilities.

Dislikes: sunlight, crowds, and happy going people.

Strength: [color=red] run for long distances, and smart

Weakness: Can’t act fast, sunlight limits his vampire abilities, loud places ( Scathe can’t think strait).

Personal History

Mother- Flare Amber (unknown)
Father- Kirito Swain (died when Scathe was 3 years old)
Aunt- Mary Lynnette ( Scathe current guardian)

Background Story
When Scathe turned 3 years old, his mother disappeared and his father died. With those to events happening, Scathe was force to live with his aunt Mary Lynnette. So Scathe moved all the way to Greece. Scathe’s aunt lives in a brick house half way into the woods, about 1 hour away from a town in Greece. As Scathe lived with her, Scathe also noticed that his aunt never had any pictures of his mom, even though they were sisters. Scathe found this very weird. So wondering why, Scathe asked his aunt why and she told Scathe that she wasn’t human.

Not knowing what that means, his aunt hurried out of the house and left Scathe alone that night. Scathes went back to his room and lied down and wonder what she meant. The next day his aunt still hasn’t come back, so Scathe had the house to himself. Not having anything to do, scathe goes outside for a walk. As much as he hates sunlight, something told him to go outside. The feeling as if Scathe was going to meet someone. But it’s weird, because there wasn’t anyone to meet. Not knowing where Scathe was at, he had this feeling he knew where he was going. A few moments later there it was. A tall figure covered in all black, and the face was hidden so Scathe couldn’t see it was standing in front of him.

Scathe asked who it was, and why it was here, but the only thing it said was if you want to know about your mother come to Rome. Then a big gust of wind blew and the leaves blew in Scathes face then that person was gone. The only thing left was a paper with a date and a location to be at. So Scathe took the paper and went back to his aunt’s house. Gathered his clothes, money, and pack his suit case. Scathe wrote a note letting his aunt know he was leaving and not going to be back for a while. After Scathe finished note he left the house and headed on his way for Rome.

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Post  Admin on Fri Sep 28, 2012 8:34 pm the first problem that I see here is that you are obviously not 18. Your grammar is terrible. You are quite obviously either not 18 or you are an example of how our school system in America has failed its Youth. You have finally complied with the basic requirements for backstory. Unfortunately your character has god-like powers and must therefore be rejected. Before you ask what your god like power is, I will show you in red in your post. I advise editing and nerfing your character. In conclusion, my fiance is making me be nicer than I'd like to someone like you so I'll just sum it up in a meme. Notify me when it is edited. Also, as a side note...I remember you from the last site and I will not forgive your use of a copyrighted Anime character as your own. I have my eye on you.
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