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General Information

Name: Kaeso ("Gaius") Mucius Sophus
Age: 16

Birthday: September 21

Sex: Male

Mythological Origin: Demigod of Ares

Mythological Powers/Gifts:
1. Enhanced Strength - Each hit counts has a high chance of breaking bones, even of demi-gods. Roll a d20, on a 15-20 it breaks the target area unless dodged. Can bend and break Iron.
2. Enhanced Toughness - Roll a d20, on a 10-20, the hit does not affect you or wound you. Effects that would normally happen still happen.


Kaeso Mucius Sophus (Son of Ares) Scorpion_king_6
Face Claim: Michael Copoun
Hair:Dark Brown
Height: 6ft 2 inches
General Appearance: Kaeso has the appearance of his father, that is a foreigner. He has tan skin, with an athletic build and short dark brown hair. His eyes are a vibrant green, and are always alert or idly scanning his environment. He wears Roman armor and wields Roman weapons despite his Asiatic heritage.


General Character Traits: Kaeso is a fun and out-going person. He likes to race and compete. He’s got a massive pride issue, some call it arrogance, he calls it skill. He’s also obsessed with games of chance and dares. He is often broke because of his gambling habit, though sometimes he hits it big at the dice games and fighting arenas. As a son of Ares, he is naturally prone to anger which comes as a shock to most people. He is just as fickle as his father, loving someone one day and hating them the next, happy as a lark one moment and broody as a storm the next. If you make friends with him he is loyal, but how close he lets you in is usually dependent on the day or the weather.

Likes:Running, Camping, Hunting, Sword Play. (secret likes): Reading and History.

Dislikes: Crowds, Groups, and Training.

Strengths: Kaeso is good at most things physical, like swimming, running, jumping, climbing trees and such. His mind is just starting to develop a thirst for knowledge. He is a formidable single fighter.

Weaknesses: Kaeso lacks a mind for strategy, and discipline. He often flings himself into combat without thinking. His disregard for others and his own safety is a severe handicap and makes him prone to injury.

Personal History

Mother: Mara Euphemia (deceased)
Father: Mymermides Mucius Paetus (senator)
Siblings: N/A

Background Story: (Minimum 3 paragraphs))
Kaeso was born to Mara Euphemia after her seduction by Ares/Mars. Mara was already betrothed to Mymermides Paetus, but was a very skillful liar and managed to pass her son off as his, along with some minor magic from Ares, to make Kaeso look like his father. Kaeso was given the skin color of his father, the eyes and hair of his Roman mother. This of course came with a cost, and that was that some of Ares’ divine ichor was flowing through Kaeso’s blood. It was not made for Mortals to have divine ichor flowing through their veins, and thus his life would be short, as his divine nature burned up the temporary mortal flesh inside him. The divine ichor also had another side effect though, his father’s blood would run potently through the boy allowing him to be an amazing demigod. His mother was so distraught at the fate she had inflicted upon her son that she cast herself through the window falling out of the three story villa to her doom leaving the child alone with his “father”.

Kaeso’s childhood was spent like most Roman aristocrat children, playing at war. Kaeso learned sword play, and wrestling but took in his heart most avidly to running and the long jump. He enjoyed athletics for athletics sake, never really wanting to fight, but doing it to honor his father Mymermides whom was always disapproving and unimpressed despite any achievement Kaeso could muster. Kaeso’s father was an old fashioned aristocrat obsessed with Dignitas and Gravitas, whereas Kaeso was full of mirth and energy, never sitting still or thinking about what he was doing. As such their personality classes lead to more than one argument and resulted in bitter feelings from Kaeso for his father wishing for another son, and bitter feelings from Mymermides who felt like a failure as a father with no son to carry on his noble tradition.

Just a year ago, during one of their heated arguments, Kaeso became so enraged that he ended up bending an iron training gladius with his bare hands. This excited his father, when he saw his son’s strength. He tried to strike his son, and his sword glanced off as though it hadn’t even impacted the skin. Mymermides praised the gods for their gift to him and for the first time embraced his son Kaeso. Kaeso now serves in the Roman Legion, using his formidable fighting powers to protect his country and during the off time protect his father as a personal escort to senate meetings. Kaeso and Mymermides have plans for the future, big plans. With the military service record that Kaeso is capable of building, Mymermides has plans for a praetorship or even consulship for his son. Kaeso and his father now have mutual respect for each other and work tirelessly for the Roman Republic.


Character Relationships: (please update constantly)
Kaeso Mucius Sophus
Kaeso Mucius Sophus

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I hereby approve this character.


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