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Post  Admin on Wed Jun 20, 2012 1:44 am

City Wolves:
1. Control Transformation. – Can choose to transform into wolf or hybrid mode. Cuts transformation down to one post.
2. Partial Transformation – Can transform limbs into wolf mode without a transformation post, i.e. Transform your arm to swipe at an enemy and transform it back in same post.
3. Animal Magnetism – Appearance becomes shaggy but rugged outside of transformation, attractive bonus for one post. Roll a d20, on a 10-20 charm the merchant for 50% off.
4. Snake’s Charm – Appearance is permanently changed into a slightly wolfish appearance, gaining attractive bonuses for entire threads. Also all shop gear is 50% off for you.
5. Nature Healing – Can heal one wound either from himself or from another, no matter how severe each thread with nature magic.
6. Shadow Stalker – Can hide once per two posts, triggering either an automatic hit in rp combat or a chance to run away.
7. Prey on the Weak – When an opponent has suffered a wound, you may inflict one wound per post without missing unless approved by both parties when arranging the combat. You also heal a wound once per post when you cause a wound.

Country Wolves:
1. Feral Transformation – Can transform into either wolf or hybrid form in two posts, but heals all wounds taken during transformation.
2. Primal Roar – Gain an automatic hit once during combat when in either form.
3. Enhanced Strength – Each hit counts has a high chance of breaking bones, even of demi-gods. Roll a d20, on a 15-20 it breaks the target area unless dodged. Can bend and break Iron.
4. Enhanced Speed – Can make one automatic dodge in combat per 2 posts.
5. Enhanced Toughness – Roll a d20, on a 10-20, the hit does not affect you or wound you. Effects that would normally happen still happen.
6. Magic Claws – Your claws count as magical weapons and can be enchanted with a spell.
7. Shamanism – Works as magic, may duplicate any gift of parent god up to sixth level.


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