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Seraphina Xante

General Information

Name: Seraphina Calista Xante
Age: 16
Birthday:April 12th
Mythological Origin: Demigod of Poseidon
Mythological Powers/Gifts:
1. Water Control – You can manipulate any amount of water as long as you are touching some part of it. Though you cannot form shapes with it or hold people under with it.
2. Brine Blood – You heal all damage and cannot tire while in water, this water must be naturally occurring and flowing but you can use water control to make it flow over you.


Seraphina Xante AjaBair02

Face Claim:Aja Bair
Hair:Long brown and curly
Height: 5ft 6
General Appearance: Seraphina has a small frame and an athletic built but not the ripped body of an athlete. Her tanned skin, waist long curly brown hair and ocean green eyes give her a very exotic appearance that is unheard of in the Roman Empire. She usually wears long flowing dresses in all the different shades that the ocean can reflect.


General Character Traits: Seraphina grew up in a wealthy and influential family and is still ignorant to the poverty and the problems that exist, being a woman no one has also felt inclined to inform her about the less glorious side of Rome. She has always felt the desire to know what’s behind the next bend in the road or river and what lies across the mighty seas. As a child she would often scare her mother when she had disappeared and although her father would punish her for this behavior she never learnt to control this curiosity. By now her mother and her have the unspoken agreement that if she is back home before her father comes home she will not tell her husband because Thaleia couldn’t stand the sight of her daughter being punished any more.
Likes:dancing, swimming, hidden treasures
Dislikes:droughts, politics, clothing that is very tight and restricting
Strengths:She is very agile and can move very swiftly with very little sound. She learned how to swim before she learned how to walk which resulted in her being more efficient in the water than on land.
Weaknesses:Seraphina’s small frame doesn’t allow her the strength to accomplish heavy labor. She is also proud and doesn’t like to admit that she might not be able to accomplish a task.

Personal History

Mother:Thaleia Castellanos (32)
Father:Ignatius Xante (44)
Siblings:Macarius Xante (14)

Background Story:
Seraphina’s mother, Thaleia was the youngest most vibrant daughter of the Greek Proconsul. Her father, Kephalos, was afraid the Romans would send a Roman to replace him and gave her away to a Roman Merchant named Ignatius Xante, the oldest son of Senator Aristaeus Xante, to secure his position as the Greek Proconsul. Ignatius accepted this offer because he knew that marrying the daughter of the most influential man in Greece would secure the Greek seas for him and greatly increase his business.

Thaleia was torn by her fathers’ decision but realized that she had no say in the decision and left her beloved Greece to marry the stranger who lived in Ostia. Even though she performed her wifely duties it was difficult for Thaleia to love a man who she barely knew and she would seek refuge at a beach near Ostia’s port whenever she had the time to spare. There she would stare out over the water and try to imagine what her life would be like if she were still in Greece. This made her an easy target for Poseidon when he showed up one day and seduced her.

Nine months later Seraphina was born but until this day neither her nor Ignatius know that she is actually the daughter of Poseidon. Her father always attributed the fact that she learned how to swim before she learned how to walk and the ease with which she moved in the water to the fact that she grew up near the water, and no one questioned his judgement.

Over time Thaleia learned to love her husband and see good qualities in him, even though he was a strict man and indulged in the many common business practices of that time, he cared for his family and was very capable of providing for them. About two years after Seraphina’s birth Thaleia gave Ignatius a son, Macarius, who is Ignatius’ biological child.

When Seraphina was 13 Aristaeus Xante became grievously ill and was no longer able to perform his duties in the senate. Ignatius and his family moved to Rome because as the oldest son he had the responsibility of representing his father, while his father moved to the coast to be closer to the sea which is believed to have healing powers where he stayed with Ignatius’ brother, his second born.

Over the past three years Aristaeus’ health has been fairly steady with slight decreases here and there but he has not been improving. Ignatius has represented his father in the senate over these years while still holding his position as a merchant. He has become acquainted with the ways of the senate and has formed several friendships and business partners within the senate.

Around a year ago Seraphina started noticing that when she concentrated on small bodies of water she could control their movement. The first time this happened was when she was staring into a bucket of water, wishing that she could feel the waves of the sea against her body when suddenly small waves started to shape in the bucket. She hasn’t told anyone about this ability, not even her two best friends, Valeriana and Clementia, but she has been secretly practicing this ability.

When she went to Ostia for a short period of time a couple of months ago she tried her ability out on the sea but she couldn’t move it. In an attempt to relax she went for a swim, to her surprise she noticed that the cut on the inside of her hand that she got from a knife only days ago had disappeared. On closer inspection every scar or injury that she had ever suffered had disappeared, her skin looked more flawless than it had ever been and she felt much more vibrant after her swim.

Even though she had no way to explain this phenomenon she accepted it, after all she had accepted the fact that she could somewhat control water a while back already so why would this be any different?


Character Relationships:None

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