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Name: Quintus Calpurnius Quietus
Age: 17
Birthday: February 27
Sex: Male
Mythological Origin: Demigod of Dionysus
Mythological Gifts:
1. Drunkard – As the son of the wine god, you can produce wine from nowhere, it is the best wine from Olympus.


[img]Quintus Calpurnius Quietus 8f8fth12[/img]

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 5”8
General Appearance: Messy, tired looking, scrawny, dark colored citizen’s toga

Likes: Order, stability, quiet, reading (all when sober), drinking, sex, destruction, adventures, singing (poorly) (all when drunk)
Dislikes: Parties, surprises, loud noises, adventures (all when sober), boredom, inactivity (when drunk)
Strengths: Normally is very easy going, is generally well-liked (see below), has a high alcohol tolerance, can be very dangerous while drunk
Weaknesses: Has a secret love of alcohol, alcohol sometimes drives him into a frenzied state, when sober tends to be inactive and resistant to change and can be swayed by social pressure (desires to be a respectable citizen), tends to unconsciously start parties that can attract unwanted attention to him

Mother: Silvia Quietus
Father: Dionysus (Stepfather: Severus Quietus)

Backstory: The Quietus family was known for two things. The first was that they were famous brewers of wine. The second was that they were extreme stoics- never indulging in emotion, never changing their facial expressions and always being so serious as to be annoying. The exception was the black sheep of the family, their only son Quintus, who was a famous troublemaker.
This was odd because Quintus had been raised as a stoic and was just as insufferably stuck up as his parents. He was unfailingly grim and serious at all times, and desired nothing more than to be a respected Roman citizen. However, fate seemed to be against him. Wherever he walked, instead of inspiring awe at how serious he was he seemed to leave a trail of parties. He was always blamed for these parties, but he was never involved in them- he didn’t even start them; he would walk into some place and shortly thereafter about half of the time a party would erupt. This was particularly bad when he tried to attend funerals, which led to several humiliating incidents. What’s more, everyone seemed to like him and see him as being quite funny. Whenever he tried to have a serious philosophical discussion with someone, every third or fourth conversation would break down because his audience broke out into laughter and spent nearly an hour trying to explain to Quintus that he was the funniest and wittiest person they had ever met. Whenever he tried to reprimand a wrong doer or insult someone he found distasteful, they often seemed more inclined to offer him a drink than to try and counter his arguments.
His parents could not understand why their son was being seen as such an interesting and likable person, and were openly contemptuous of him, believing he was some sort of dissident, much to Quintus’ horror. Feeling increasingly despondent as his attempts to live up to his families failed, he turned to his one love- alcohol. Being the heir to an old vineyard family, he had plenty of wine to drink, which was good because he had quite a high tolerance.
One night after he came home from a particularly harsh day of being well-liked, he and his father had a fight that resulted in him storming off back in the direction he came. He didn’t realize until too late that he had wandered back into a party that he had started earlier. While he normally hated parties, he wanted something to lift his mood. As such, he began to drink. And drink. And drink.
As he drank, he got to thinking: why must I be so miserable? From the point of these people my life is amazing. It goes against everything I’ve been taught, but… I want to be happy, like them. I just want to enjoy myself. Is that so wrong?
He continued to drink. For that matter, why do I always get in so much trouble? I’ve done nothing wrong. Why should I suffer for things outside of my control? Why should my parents and their ways cause me so much untold misery? Why do I tolerate their CONSTANT abuse? Have I NOT DONE ENOUGH to earn their love? WHAT MORE CAN I DO TO GET THEM TO ACCEPT ME?
The last thing Quintus remembered before blacking out was being really mad, and wanting to make himself feel better.
Quintus woke up the next morning. For a moment, he felt the wind on his face and thought that he must have fallen asleep outside. He then got up and saw that he was outside- in what had previously been the butchers shop. The entire street had been burned down.

He quickly heard the rumors. The previous night the party he had been at had spun wildly out of control when someone had donned a mask of laurels and led the frenzied party goers on a rampage that inadvertently destroyed a good portion of the town. No one knew for sure who that had been, but many speculated that Quintus had been involved.
Quintus was devastated- in his attempt to make himself happy he had done so much harm. He considered giving up alcohol and committing an honorable suicide to make up for his crimes.
“Hey,” someone shouted. It was the town butcher. Quintus considered running, but then thought that he probably deserved whatever the butcher was going to do to him.
“Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your party last night- it was amazing.”
Quintus blinked. “What?”
“Yeah, most fun I had in ages.”
“…but I destroyed your house… I caused so much suffering!”
“Yeah… but we can rebuild our houses; we may never get another chance to party like we did last night. It was truly something. I doubt I need to tell you, though- you were actually smiling; I never thought I would see that from you. Well, I must be off- need to get a new place to live. See you later!”
As the butcher trundled off down the hill whistling merrily, Quintus couldn’t help but smile. Maybe a drink or two now and again won’t be a bad thing…
Quintus Calpurnius Quietu
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Very Good. I approve this character.


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