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Post  Admin on Wed Jun 20, 2012 1:46 am

Noble Vampires:
1. Wealth – Start with 1000 gold pieces
2. Beginner Thaumaturgy – Replicate any stage one magical gift (except wealth and werewolf transformation) once a thread.
3. Retainers – Earn 5 gold pieces each IRL day.
4. Adept Thaumaturgy – Replicate any stage 2-4 magical gift (except wealth generating ones) 3 times a thread.
5. Retainers II – Earn 10 gold pieces each IRL day (stacks with Retainers)
6. Master Thaumaturgy – replicate any stage 6 or less magical gift 6 times a thread. This stacks with adept.
7. True Alchemy – convert gold to new magical gifts. 1 gift per 10k gold.

Plebian Vampires:
1. Enhanced Strength - Each hit counts has a high chance of breaking bones, even of demi-gods. Roll a d20, on a 15-20 it breaks the target area unless dodged. Can bend and break Iron.
2. Enhanced Speed - Can make one automatic dodge in combat per 2 posts.
3. Enhanced Toughness - Roll a d20, on a 10-20, the hit does not affect you or wound you. Effects that would normally happen still happen.
4. Drain – When you hit, heal a wound but no broken bones.
5. Greater Drain – When you hit, you may heal any wound no matter how severe.
6. Hypnotism – gain 50% off at the shop, roll a d20, on a 10-20.
7. Ghouling – give a character a taste of your blood, bestow on them one gift you possess for one thread.


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