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Time Line of Historical Events Empty Time Line of Historical Events

Post  Anubis on Mon Oct 01, 2012 10:52 pm

This Time Line will note all major Historical actions that happen in game. As well as the birth and death of major world players and Sion's of gods.

402 BC- Current Date

418 BC- Birth of Kaeso Mucius Sophus Son of Aries, Seraphina Xante Daughter of Poseidon

419 BC- Birth of Quintus Calpurnius Quietus Son of Dionysus, Basileus Dives Sapiens Son of Zuse

420 BC- Birth of Lucanus Varius Horatius Son of Hades

423 BC- Birth of Nikolaos Floga Son of Hephaestus

432 BC- Parthenon is Finished

430 BC- Temple of Zuse Is finished in Olympia

479 BC- Death of Confucius

480 BC- Darius of Persia leads an army against the City state of Athens

483 BC- Death of Buddha

500 BC- Hinduisum is Founded in India

509 BC- Founding of the Roman Republic

521 BC- Darius founds the Persian Empire

525 BC- Persians conquer Egypt

531 BC- Death of Lao-tzu

539 BC- Persians conquer Babylon

559 BC- Cyrus of Persia begins military conquest

562 BC- Nebuchadnezzar dies Babylon begins to decline, Hanging Gardens are completed.

597-586 BC- Nebuchadnezzar sacks Jerusalem the Jews are deported. (End of the Old Testament)

600 BC- Mayans build pyramids at Nakbe

671 BC- Assyrian occupation of Egypt

750 BC- Hommer writes the Iliad and The Odyssey

800 BC- Greek expansion into the Medatarainian and Black Sea

850 BC- Prophets Elijah and Elisha promote Jewish Faith

950 BC- Solomon the wise builds the first Temple at Jerusalem

961 BC- King David defeats Philistines make Jerusalem the Political/ Religious center for the Jewish faith uniting the tribes.

1200 BC- Trojan War takes place

1220 BC- Myans Settle Yucatan peninsula

1250 BC- Moses leads the exodus out of Egypt

1340 BC- Death of King Tutankhamen

1470 BC- Egypt begins trade with east Africa under Queen Hatshepsut

1650 BC- Mycenaean Civilization begins in Greece

2000 BC- Abraham is Born. Stonehenge is Built

2100 BC- The Epic of Gilgamesh is written

2150 BC- Babylon is Flourishing creation of the worlds first Library

2500 BC- Sumerian trade begins in the Indus Valley. Founding of Hinduism.

2500-2600 BC- Pyramids of Giza are built as well as the Sphinx high of the Pharaohs power in Egypt

3000 BC- Unification of Egypt

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