How to Request an Additional Character

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How to Request an Additional Character Empty How to Request an Additional Character

Post  *Admin* on Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:52 am

On The Dark Times we allow members to have multiple characters however, in order to maintain a high posting quality we have set up some requirements.

1. The member has to have been active on the site for at least three (3) months
2. The member must have high posting quality
3. The member must have enough time to devote to both characters. Posting quality and quantity of all characters must remain high.

You have to put in a request for every additional character you want to play. This means that you make a post in this thread providing all the names of your current characters and a short description of your new character concept. At this point the administrators will look at your case and either approve or disapprove your request bases on the requirements posted above.

Every additional character goes through a one (1) month trail period after approval. If this period shows that the posting quality and quantity of any of the member's characters has drastically decreased the member will be asked to write his character out of the story.

Any additional character that is created without administrator approval will be deleted


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