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It is a dark and tumultuous time in the Roman Republic. It is 403 BC.

The Roman army has been besieging the last major Etruscan city, Veii. The battle was not going well for the Romans until Romulus himself was seen on the battlefield, routing the Etruscans and driving the Roman army forward. After that, many seemed empowered in battle. Some taking on wolf like characteristics becoming great berserkers. A few became great assassins and stalkers of the night, killing Rome's enemies in their sleep. Some began to channel arcane energies into devastating attacks both in the city and on the battlefield. Still others became legendary warriors, scions of the gods themselves. This was a great help to the Roman army, and would have crushed the helpless Etruscans if not for a massive hole near Veii opening straight to Erebus itself. Out of this hell hole poured monsters long thought dead since the golden age. The Hell spawn started to ravage the army, as well as the country side and eventually the City itself.

In response consuls C. Servilius Ahala III and Q. Sulpicius Camerinus Cornutus formed a militia garrison under the personal command of the consuls to protect Rome from the super natural threats to the empire. This was composed of Noble's children, ruffians from the street, and the odd barbarians from allied nations. This legion was named Legiones Vires, or the Legion of Man. (Or Legion of the People) signifying the unity achieved in defending Rome from super natural attacks.

Meanwhile in Gaul, a particularly crafty leader of men and giver of treasure named Hjar arose and killed the current chieftain, who was friendly to Rome. He preached of the legendary treasure that awaited in Rome, the fertile land that he would give his army in Italy, and of the rich wine and fine women. He is gathering a massive army of frightening barbarians, some rumors of giants and other horrors of the north have made their way south to the consuls. The consuls are currently deciding on the proper course of action, having the Spartans threatening their rule to the East, and the Carthaginians to their South.

In Greece, Sparta has defeated Athens, after their costly defense during the Pelleponisian War. It installed a government known as the 30 Tyrants. The 30 Tyrants are oppressing Athens, and Sparta has set its sights on Rome under advice from a trusted Egyptian source named Nat-Set. Their own demi-gods and mythological forces appeared around ten years ago when they were fighting the Persians.

In Egypt, Nat-Set, the trusted Royal Vizier of Pharaoh Amyrtaeus has advised him to give the Spartans a target in Rome, as well as the Persians a target in Sparta, thus leaving Egypt with the ability to rebuild its power and become the power it used to be.

In Sicily, Dionysius the Elder rises to power as the tyrant of Syracuse. He makes peace with the Carthaginian general, Hamilco (whose army has been weakened by the plague), and fortifies Syracuse. This treaty leaves Carthage in control of most of Sicily. Dionysius the Elder ruthlessly consolidates and expands his power. He builds a wall around Syracuse and fortifies Epipolae. The Greek citizens of Naxos, Catana, and Leontini are removed from their cities; many of them are enslaved and their homes are given to Sicilian and Italian mercenaries. Dionysius prepares his army to fight against Carthage, which now occupies western and southern Sicily.

Thus we find ourselves, Rome surrounded by enemies on all fronts, a surge of mythological power in the world of men, and the manipulations of empires. All good fortune is granted by the gods, and one pleases the gods not by being good...but by being bold and courageous.

Should you join, you will be conscripted into the Legion and sent to make your way in the world with other mythologically empowered people for the greater glory of Rome, or yourself, at the expense of the enemies of the Republic. When you create a character you can choose not to be a part of the legion but you will have far less opportunities for growth, gold and glory this way.


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