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Post  Quintus Calpurnius Quietu on Mon Oct 08, 2012 6:39 pm

Unsurprisingly, Quintus had heard that his parents were not thrilled that he had incited a riot that had burned down half of his home town. While he didn't know how they had found out, he knew what they would do if he went home, so upon hearing that they were mad at him he simply left town. It turned out to be a much easier undertaking than he had expected- he managed to always start up a party at the right time and end up with enough food and drink for days. However, he was careful to not stay too long in one place. Whenever he tried, his parties continued to get more and more out of hand. If he kept a low profile they didn't usually get out of hand, but he was still worried about destroying a town again. The last thing he wanted was a reputation.

He had begun to finally get used to his effect on people and to slowly open up to his more exciting side, but he still had reservations. He was torn between who he had been raised to be and what his instincts told him to be- between wanting to have a quiet life and wanting to constantly get wasted. This was probably what attracted him to Rome. It was a center of learning and philosophy (including Sophism), but was also a place of wealth, parties and drinking. He saw a lot of himself in that city.

The heat was a bit annoying, though. Still, he couldn't complain- when it was this hot outside people didn't usually go outside for long and tended to stay indoors- away from him and his party aura. And while he liked to party sometimes, he felt drained from the heat. So he actually looked forward to a quiet night at the inn using some money he had been given for triggering a party in Ostia- he planned to eat well, read some philosophy and actually get to sleep early.

As he walked through the forum looking for a shop that interested him, he began to notice that there was a large clump of people chatting away happily, as though they didn't care about the heat. That's odd... he thought to himself. Seems a bit hot to be chatting. Still, he wasn't going to complain, since he did enjoy how friendly the city was. It was actually rather enjoyable.
This crowd is aggravating, though... where did they even come from? And what are they all so happy about? Is there a festival or something? Quintus paused for a moment and thought. No... surely not... it's too hot out. Why would anyone want to party now?

And yet more and more people appeared, looking increasingly happy. Feeling concerned, Quintus tried to duck into a side street. Instead he found himself in a group of citizens happily distributing wine to the populace. He heard some drinking songs start up as people began to drink wine that was seemingly coming from nowhere. His first instinct was to be annoyed... but he was thirsty, and he DID have the whole night ahead of him... surely a few drinks wouldn't go awry? After all, it was just his way of introducing himself to the town.

"Why not? I could use a drink." He accepted a cup of wine and was promptly approached by a group of drunks wanting a drinking contest. How do these people even find me? he wondered. "Alright, but to make it fair I'll have to take on 5 of you at once. Otherwise I won't even be able to get buzzed."
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Post  Kaeso Mucius Sophus on Mon Oct 15, 2012 2:04 pm

Kaeso was, for once, out of uniform. It was late in the day, and he wasn't out of his house in an official way. He was doing one of his many guilty pleasures, reading. He was scouting out for a shady place to read and maybe have a drink when he saw the mass crowd gathering in the forum. It looked like Saturnalia had come early, people were dressed up in make up and costume, drink was pouring from massive wine casks, and people were "singing" and "dancing". He looked on and wondered to himself

What in the name of the gods is happening here?

He put down his scroll and walked towards the gathering of people, drawn in like metal to a magnet. He couldn't resist one drink. He took a goblet offered to him by a man dwelling by the casks. As he walked through the crowd, he spotted a man, or really a boy like himself, out drinking five grown men. He muscled his way past the people to get a better look.

The boy was absolutely amazing in his mastery of the debauchery. It was as if Bacchus himself had decided to visit Rome tonight.

"Well who am I to snub my nose at a party?" he asked no one in particular and drank deeply. He idly hoped he'd see the girl he met the other day in the forum here.
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